Pollack Museum History

Michael A. Pollack began his collecting career over thirty years ago and during that period has assembled one of the world's finest collections of Baranger displays and three-dimensional advertising. Michael inherited his interest in collecting from his father, Robert, and mother, Wanda. Both advanced collectors in their own right.

For Michael, collecting hasn't been limited to just advertising display pieces. He's also collected prime commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate projects. Michael A. Pollack Real Estate Investments is the company he founded in 1973. It's one of the Southwest's most successful private owner-operators of commercial real estate. A third-generation real estate entrepreneur, Michael has received numerous commendations, resolutions and proclamations. For his achievements in renovation and community revitalization, Michael has been recognized by senators, congressional representatives, governors, mayors, city councils, county supervisors, commercial real estate industry leaders and even the President of the United States. The American Design Institute named him Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year and he was named Builder Developer of the Year by the American Multi-House Association. Twice he's been named "Outstanding Young Man of America."

Over his career, Michael has been involved in over 10 million square feet of real estate projects and now controls over 4 million square feet of developed real estate in Arizona, California and Nevada. Over 60 of those projects are in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Even though his real estate activities keep him very busy, Michael's never too busy to find time to collect. He's usually seen at many of the major national auctions where three-dimensional advertising pieces are offered.

Michael's appetite for collecting made it necessary to build a special facility to house his vast advertising collection consisting of more than 110 Baranger displays and over 7,000 other pieces. When he moved his corporate offices into a new 31,000 square foot building in Mesa, Arizona, Michael built in a special 7,000 square foot museum to house his magnificent collection of three-dimensional advertising.

The various pieces are displayed so they can be enjoyed in their new spacious surroundings.

This website features this museum and the pieces that are contained within.